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Circle Yoga

Type: Commercial
Members: 15
Washington, DC USA

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Yoga/Pilates Instruction

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Access: Private: Walk-ins Allowed
3838 Northampton Street NW
Washington, DC 20015 USA
Phone: (202) 686-1104
Zone Advocate: Fitiverse
Circle Yoga’s mission is to create physical health, mental ease and mindful presence in individuals, groups and the community with mindfulness and compassion. They do this by offering private sessions, classes, workshops, trainings and events in disciplines including yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, meditation, and healing modalities such as Reiki and massage.

When Circle Yoga founder Annie Mahon set out to open her flagship yoga studio in Chevy Chase DC, back in March, 2003, her aim was simple: to bring the joy of mindful yoga, and all its benefits, including stress-reduction, greater flexibility, and a sense of inner peace, to adults, children and families of Washington DC.

In 2012, Circle Yoga became Circle Yoga Cooperative, the first worker-owned and member-operated yoga studio in the area, and possibly the largest yoga studio cooperative in the country.

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Mindfulness Med…
Mon. 5/28/18
Mindfulness Med…
Wed. 5/30/18
Mindfulness Med…
Fri. 6/1/18
Mindfulness Med…
Mon. 6/4/18
Mindfulness Med…
Wed. 6/6/18