Mission -Vision -Values

At Fitiverse, our Mission is to help everyone easily achieve their fit. We connect people to other fitness enthusiasts, convenient and free workouts, fitness professionals, events, products, tips and motivational stories. Our Vision is to be the premier platform that empowers people to maintain a social, active and healthy lifestyle.

  • PassionWe are passionate, loyal and committed to everything that we do
  • CommunityWe believe in fostering and supporting our communities
  • DiversityWe value and appreciate diversity at all levels
  • EmpowermentWe are committed to empowering others to lead an active lifestyle
  • InnovationWe are constantly innovating in order to maximize value for our members

Our Team

Fitiverse was founded by two brothers who grew up (like many siblings) competing with each other, especially when it came to determining who was the most "fit" in the family. With evolving work and personal obligations, they eventually found it harder to coordinate workout schedules and they created Fitiverse as a way to expand their fitness "family" to the broader community.

Fitiverse has since grown into an active community of nearly 1,000 members in the Washington, DC metro region, and new connections are made each day. Since launching, our team has also grown to include a diverse group individuals committed to helping everyone achieve a social, active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Joey BrentJoey BrentFounder & CEO
  • Kevin BrentKevin BrentFounder & CTO
  • Heather ZellersHeather ZellersBusiness Development
  • Eunese ShawEunese ShawMarketing
  • Maggie WinzelerMaggie WinzelerAdvisor
  • Michel EdwardsMichel EdwardsAdvisor