So You Wanna Know…

What It Is

Fitiverse (aka Fitness Universe) is a growing community for current and aspiring fitness enthusiasts. We enable our members to find compatible workout buddies online who have access to the same facilities they do. Fitiverse is currently only available in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia Metro areas but will be coming soon to a city near you.

What’s Different

Until now, there hasn't been an easy way to find workout buddies that get fit when and where you do. Randomly reaching out to people at your gym or local park sounds good in theory, but without the right tool, finding the right “fit” can be difficult. Now you can spend less time online looking for motivation, and more time offline getting in shape!

Why It Works

Studies prove that working out with a buddy dramatically improves your results. One recent study from a premier university showed that having a compatible workout buddy decreases workout dropout rates from 43% to 6%… a meaningful improvement in light of the health and wellness crisis facing many communities.

Who We Are

Fitiverse was founded by two brothers who grew up competing with each other in the gym for the title of “best bod” in the family. With different work and personal obligations, they eventually found it hard coordinating schedules to workout together. By creating Fitiverse, the brothers are making sure that finding a “brother (or, sister) from another mother” will no longer be an issue for any of us. Join our family today!